Using cheap beads is a great way to add a little bit of sparkle to your craft projects, so that you can help to make the winter period a little bit brighter for everyone. One of the easiest holiday decorations that you can make is a felt and bead heart in winter colors.As the holiday season is quickly approaching, it is time to begin some craft projects to help you to decorate your home and your friends' houses. You can even give these craft decorations to your friends as early holiday presents. You can also make them with children, because they are that simple to do. Of course it is possible to make these decorations using any color scheme that you wish, however these colors are non-denominational and suit the general holiday spirit.In order to make this craft project, you will need a handful of white cheap beads, red and white felt, some thin black wool, some very thin red thread, some cotton wool stuffing and some strong gold thread. Once you have cut out all of these patches, you should artistically arrange them over the top of your heart. When they are in place to your liking, sew them on with the thin red thread, being very careful to keep your stitching as neat as possible.Start off by cutting out two hearts of exactly the same size from the red felt, then cut out about 6 square green patches to overlay on top of these hearts. These green patches should cover around a half to a third of the red hearts in total, but not more. After you have completed the two patchwork hearts, you will need to arrange your white cheap beads on top of them. Do not use too many cheap beads or you will end up making the design look overcrowded. Stitch them on to the felt hearts, so that they are not spaced too close to one another. Do not pull the stitching too tight or else you will end up causing the felt to ruche.