Decorating your house adds value to your house and comfort of your family. Interior decoration reflects your lifestyle and a house with impressive interiors is sure to catch the envy of your neighbors. A carefully planned house decor can exalt your house's infrastructure and can help you cover its defects. A house with extravagant space lacking a good interior decoration will not stand before a little house that has the best placement of crafts adding to its beauty. Handmade articles made out from recycled materials have always been a part of home decor since ancient times. Interior decoration has become a part and parcel of every household that adds to the beauty and aesthetic value of each and every house. With a little effort and a creative touch, your house could become one of the most pleasant abode that gives you a relaxed feel once you reach home from the hardships of the day. Finally, tie a loop of gold thread onto the top of the decoration so that you can hang it from your tree or wherever else you want to hang it from. These decorations can be made in different colors if you like, or you could just stick to one color of felt and leave out the overlapping patches. You have complete creative control over what you end up doing. Use large stitches with the black wool, so that this stitching is actually incorporated as part of the design. Make sure that you leave a small gap at the top, so that you can stuff the decoration. Insert the cotton wool stuffing through this hole, until the decoration begins to bulge at the middle, then finish sewing up the decoration at the top with the black wool.